Dear Guests,

zamek_219_01Welcome to the website of the Castle Restaurant, Austerlitz located right on the premises of Slavkov Castle. The restaurant has been established in order to enrich the cultural life in the town of Slavkov u Brna, primarily in respect to gastronomy and catering for various events connected to the cultural heritage of this historically significant town.

03_720The popularity of the local castle can also be attested to by the fact that it is annually visited by over a hundred thousand people who are drawn here not only by its history, but also by the attractiveness of the local surroundings. There are also a great deal of unexplained mysteries and tales which are told about Slavkov Castle. Even our restaurant is linked to some historic events that took place here. Once you get to the entrance you will immediately be enveloped in an atmosphere of times past. The restaurant offers a pleasant environment in harmony with the baroque style of Slavkov Castle.

02_720_01The restaurant premises are divided into three rooms. It is all up to you to decide in which you’ll feel best. The pride of our restaurant is the
Wine Gallery where you can find native as well as foreign wines. The dominant feature of our restaurant is the castle cuisine offering a wide selection of various specialties. An absolute gem of our scullery (open grill kitchen) is a hand wrought grill which may be used for the preparation of nearly anything that you may desire.


014_720_01The stylish surroundings literally invite you to enjoy a pleasant get-together with your friends or to hold a wedding reception. What bride wouldn’t wish to feel like a princess in a castle? Restaurant Austerlitz offers you a wide use of the premises; we’re here for you after all.




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