The Wine Gallery

img_7520_1600_02Our wine gallery is a showcase of the winemakers from the region of Čejkovice. These are Moravian folk who contribute with their hard work to the culture of lovers of great wine, good food, musicians, and bearers of good humour. The guild, which supplies our wine gallery with the best gems, is called “Čtvrtečníci”. Almost all members of this guild have one thing in common, that is, they live in one of the biggest, warmest and at the same time most beautiful wine-growing villages- Čejkovice.

This beautiful locality was chosen for them by generations long before them and by their fathers. Wine-making is a mission and an everyday challenge to them. They are dedicated to it with enthusiasm and only the best grapes, that nature allows them to harvest, are transformed into wine, which is the embodiment of their work in their vineyards and wine cellars. Let us savour then the precious moment of harmony with the winemakers, vineyards, and wine tradition of Čejkovice. Over a glass of one of these good wines, you may forget all of your everyday concerns and let the wine consume you.



slavkovský zámek