Family Celebrations

We all have moments in our lives when we wish to reward and cheer up our dear ones and "the weight of the event" just lies on us. You don't have to search for last minute gifts, buy ready-printed greeting cards in a supermarket and wash potato chips down with a cheap wine. To celebrate out of necessity and without thought is no big deal, but only a quick and easy solution. However, it is not appropriate for those we truly love, for those we wish to surprise, impress and really please. Especially around anniversaries, weddings, graduations and other such extraordinary days which deserve more attention.
The atmosphere of these moments doesn't need to be traditional, dull, corny, boring, and time consuming. So it is only up to you, whether you want to really enjoy and often recollect your celebrations. To that purpose we have prepared for you the non-traditional premises of the Castle Restaurant, Austerlitz. We are able to provide for you any kind of menu, music to your wishes, and all the essential things that are part of a good celebration and you can fully apply yourself to your guests and enjoy in peace the time spent with your family and closest friends.




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