uprava_720Hosting weddings is one of the main activities of our restaurant. The beautiful castle setting just invites you to hold a wedding right here. After all, every bride wants to feel like a castle princess. We are able to satisfy any newlyweds and guests, no matter how fastidious. It’s only up to you whether you wish to hold your wedding right in one of the halls of Slavkov Castle, the castle’s garden, in our restaurant or under the open sky in our summer garden. We will be happy and willing to arrange and prepare your wedding in any of these places. Our goal is to turn your wedding day in our restaurant into a day which you will cherish in your memories for a long time afterwards and hope that you take away with you plenty of unforgettable and remarkable experiences.

Wedding in a State Room

We can make available for you our Kounic Room with a capacity for 60 people where you’ll be watched from two alcoves by a Napoleon’s cannoneer from one and Napoleon’s vivandiére from the other. The dominant features of this room are baroque crystal chandeliers complemented with paintings of the Kounic spouses, the last proprietors of the castle. The entire interior is furnished with baroque furniture. The Napoleon Room, harmonized into plum-blue tones, is another part of our Castle Restaurant. The entire room is decorated with a number of paintings with a Napoleonic theme and Napoleon’s portraits. For special occasions, we are able to furnish a large round table for about 20 people which puts the finishing touches on an ideal environment used for holding important negotiations, meetings, and conferences behind closed doors. The Napoleon Room offers another opportunity to hold smaller social events for about 30 people, for both family and company purposes.

The Napoleon Room photo gallery is here.

Last but not least, we are proud of our so called Scullery (open grill kitchen) with a capacity for 30 people. The first thing that arrests your attention here is our hand-wrought grill. Your wedding dinner may be grilled here right before your eyes. It could be a piglet, rump, duck, chicken, živáňská roast, or anything else that you just might fancy.

Great wines...

restaurace_austerlitz_ledovky_700_01And after a good meal we should not forget some tasty wine. From the grill we can move on to our wine gallery. Here you may find a selection of the best wines from the guild called Čtvrtečníci from South Moravia, a wine region of Čejkovice. And should you belong to the lovers of foreign wines, you will surely be satisfied with our selection. In this room we also thought of the youngest wedding guests who will be captivated by our Castle Treasure which abounds in many secrets which shall remain forever concealedg. The trend of this day and age has become weddings under the open sky; therefore, we shouldn’t stay behind even in this respect and thus we provide for you our summer garden restaurant with a capacity for 100 – 150 people. The thought of unfavourable weather conditions will certainly cross your mind, right? Naturally, we thought of this possibility, too. The wedding reception will be arranged under so called party tents. So even unfavourable weather, like rain or wind, won’t spoil the most beautiful day of your lives. According to the number of wedding guests, you may choose one of the state rooms or occupy the entire restaurant.



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