The Town of Slavkov u Brna

Slavkov u Brna (abroad known by its German name Austerlitz) lies south-east of Brno in the South Moravian Region. Slavkov is primarily known for having given a name to the famous battle - the Battle of Slavkov - which took place a few kilometres west of the town. The town's population is 6000. Its historic heart is a part of the town's historic zone and the adjacent area of the Slavkov battlefield is part of a scenic historic reserve.

The first written record of  the town is from 1237. At that time, the king, Václav I , confirmed to an order of German knights an auction of the town of Novosedlice and four other surrounding villages. The German name "Austerlitz" is probably derived from "Novosedlice" ; "Nausedlitz" in German originally. At the beginning of the 13th century, the order of German knights built a bastion here whose remains can still be seen today in the basement of the Slavkov Castle. After the order had disintegrated, the town gradually fell into the hands of many nobles. In 1509, the town came into possession of the Kounic family who then ruled over it for more than 400 years.




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