Zámecké kazematy Slavkov u Brna

In our wine gallery you may find wines from these suppliers:

One of the first ones is:

Ing. Jakub Šamšula

ctvrtecnici_916_01The area of his vineyards covers up to 1ha. The yearly production amounts to 7000 bottles and some of the grown varieties are: Pálava, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Ruland blue, Frankovka wine and Alibernet. His wine-making, wherein all production is bottled, specializes in the production of limited, primarily white, attributive wines of exclusive quality coming from strictly reduced grape harvests from his own vineyards. An emphasis is put on the preparation of dry wines, which excel in their fineness and purity of taste. Traditional production processes (gentle handling of grapes and minimal intervention during maturing processes) and modern methods (using pure yeast cultures, rust-free containers and managed fermentation) are combined here during the vinification processes, which lends the wines an unmistakable character. All of the wines bear the C.O.S. label (colour, odour, savour), which was already being used in ancient Rome to mark only wines of the highest quality. A signature on each bottle guarantees the love and precision with which every drop of the wine has been made.

The next of our wine-makers is:

Ing. Lukáš Hradil

The area of his vineyards covers up to 3ha. The yearly production amounts to 20 000 bottles and some of the grown white varieties are: Rhine Riesling, Müller Thurgau, Neuburger, Tramin red, Ruland grey, Ruland white, and others. Red varieties: Andre, Cabernet Moravia, Dornfelder, Frankovka, Ruland blue, Rubinet, and others. He also offers Straw wines and Rosé. The wines come form a small family firm. They started to sell their wines officially in 2002, but have been decorating private archives since 1985. Every year they perform a grape reduction in their vineyards in order to increase the sugar content. Grapes ripened in such manner are then processed by a gentle method of crushing, destemming, and pressing. After the initial filtration, the wines are put into rust-free tanks wherein they go, with the aid of cooling, through the fermentation, clarification, and subsequently maturing processes. The red wines are processed primarily in wooden barrels or in ceramic containers wherein the malic acid is simultaneously removed which results in softening and overall enrichment of the wines. The wines have won a number of awards – TOP 77 for Rhine Riesling – VH, 2005 and Ruland grey, 2005 at the exhibition Vinium Juvenále Brno, 2007 – gold medal for Dornfelder variety – PS – barrique and Rubinet, 2006.

Another one of our wine gallery suppliers is:

Škrobák Wines

Their vineyards cover an area of 9ha. The annual production is 30 000 bottles. They make table, quality, attributive, and special wines and sparkling wines. For the production of table wines, grapes purchased from regular suppliers are used and for the production of attributive and special wines they use exclusively their own grapes which guarantee a high quality owing to the complex and unique soil and climatic conditions, low stress on the vines, precise cultivation methods, grape thinning, and late harvest. The grapes are gently processed in a modern production hall using up-to-date methods (managed fermentation, carbonic maceration, apple-milk fermentation, the barrique method, storing the wines in nitrogen) producing aromatic, fruity and fresh wines, preserving the terroir and with a unique expression of the winemaker’s characteristic. The production of ice-wine began already in 1995 and in 1999 the first red ice wine in the Czech Republic from Alibernet variety was successfully made! Their wines regularly win prizes in prestigious wine competitions like the Valtice Wine Fair (gold, silver, and bronze medals), Vinoforum (silver medal), Forum Moravia (gold and bronze medal), Vinum Juvenale (category winner and gold medal).

The last but not least of our suppliers is:

Bíza Winemaking

Their vineyards cover an area of 3,5ha. The annual production is 35 000 bottles. Some of the grown varieties are: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Ruland grey, Rhine Riesling, Moravian Muscatel, Müller Thurgau, Tramin, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruland blue, Frankovka, Neronet, St. Lawrence wine, Andre, and Agni. The flagship products of the vinery are the Grand Cuvée Bizé and Grand Cuvée Cabernet. Cuvée are made of very ripe grapes which have been macerated for a long time with the skins and then left to mature for 12 – 18 months in French barrique oak barrels. Both wines are suitable for a long-term storage, whereby their great potential is unfolded. The specialty of these winemakers is a production of unique straw and sparkling wines fermented directly in the bottle. The firm is the sole producer of the Neronet variety straw wine in the Czech Republic.



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